Primal living for midlife & menopausal women

Regain your energy, optimize your health, live your best life...

…even if you’ve “tried everything”. Even if you have underlying health concerns. Especially if you feel like you should just give up because you’re of the age where this is just how it is.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi, I'm Marybeth

As a CEO and a mom, I  understand how hard it can be to stay healthy.

I specialize in helping women easily and permanently implement their goals through the Primal diet, intermittent fasting and exercise. I have extensive experience with adrenal fatigue, menopause, thyroid health and auto immune diseases.  I offer priceless results and I know you are worth it.

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I work with highly motivated women who are ready to invest in their health.

I use 3 primal tools to help my clients achieve weight loss goals, improve their energy, get better sleep and balance their hormones.


Primal Nutrition, which mimics our ancestors’ dietary patterns in a modern world, consists of above ground vegetables, meat, berries, nuts and seeds.


Humans were just not designed to eat all day long. Although not required, I typically recommend everyone do some form of Intermittent Fasting or Time Restricted Eating.


Primal Exercise features frequent comfortably paced movement like walking, regular brief strength training sessions (think lift heavy things or resistance bands).

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When working with a health coach you want

permanent results

Weight loss is a hormone issue.  The unhealthy foods we eat and behaviors that are triggered by imbalanced hormones are the  issue and it’s not your fault. The diet industry and doctors have failed you.  All of us.  I know you can have long term results and stop the yo-yo dieting for good.  This takes motivation, time and commitment as well as having a mentor to walk by your side. Breaking habits is hard. But through dietary changes, intermittent fasting and your favorite form of movement you can shift your hormones to work for you instead of against you. That’s why my philosophy has 3 different components: Primal Nutrition, fasting and Primal exercise.

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